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Full text of "Many Random Records Concerning The Los Angeles Unified Homeless Response Center 2018-2019"

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April 13, 2018 

Mayor Eric Garcetti 
City of Los Angeies 
200 N Spring Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90012 

Dear Mayor Garcetti: 

This letter is in response to the City of Los Angeles’ (City or City of LA) request for 
access to areas operated and maintained by the U.S. Corps of Engineers (USACE) to 
perform cleanup activities of homeless-related trash and encampments in the 
waterways including the Los Angeles Rivers and its tributaries. The general scope of 
City and partner activities are as follows: 

a. Access the Los Angeles River (River) and its tributaries, including but not limited 
to the waterways, banks, maintenance roads, and utility corridors, whether publicly- 
accessible or not. 

b. Engage with people experiencing homelessness and residing in and along the 
River and tributaries to offer services and assistance to relocate, 

c. Remove debris, encampments, and perform related cleanup work in accordance 
with City of LA procedures and Municipal Codes as applicable and/or pursuant to 
agreements with partners for such cleanup activities performed by the City of LA in 
substantial conformity with existing City of LA protocols, or any successor protocols. 

We express no objection to the activities proposed by the City and its partners 
accessing areas operated and maintained by USACE to perform the general scope of 
City and partner activities stated above. We will endeavor to ensure the City is apprised 
of any operation and maintenance activities which would preclude the City’s and/or its 
partners’ access to any portions of the Los Angeles River. 

You are aware of the prohibition on take under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and 
prohibition on take of endangered species under the Endangered Species Act. You 
have an independent responsibility to comply with these laws. 

You are advised that entry into the River is at your own risk subject to the laws, 
regulations, and policies of any agency having jurisdiction over activities that take place 
in the River. Should you decide to undertake your activity within the River, the United 

States is not responsible for damages to property or injuries to persons which may arise 
from or be incident to the exercise of said use, or for damages to the property or injuries 
to you or to your agents, servants, or employees or others who may be in or on the 
River by your invitation. The United States further advises you that additional 
permissions from the fee owner, State or County, may be required. If your activity 
results in any damage to the constructed channel, we will require that you promptly 
repair or pay for the repair of any damages caused by you to a condition satisfactory to 
the District Engineer. 

Thank you for your coordination of this effort with our agency. If you have any 
questions regarding this letter, please contact Cheryl Connett at (213) 452-3118 or 


Kirk E. Gibbs 

Colonel, U.S. Army 

Commander and District Engineer